Your questions answered

Is Gen-3 Evolution the best and most durable product currently available?

Yes. By using scrub testing apparatus and solvents to establish coating durability and water shedding, Gen-3 Evolution outperformed most other brands by an average factor of up to 10. Independent research and laboratory testing also conclusively established that Gen-3 Evolution outperformed fluoropolymer products by a factor of 10.

What can Gen-3 Evolution do for my vehicle?

Gen-3 Evolution adds a hardened, ceramic based layer which bonds into and onto your car’s paint surface. The enhanced ceramic properties within the coating keeps paintwork free from oxidization, providing a long-term and beautiful surface. The Gen-3 Evolution’s hydro-repellent quality enables dirt and grime to be easily removed when washed. The versatility of the product means that it can also be used on the vehicle’s wheels to protect against high temperatures and to prevent the build-up of brake dust. Similarly, Gen-3 Evolution interior protection system will also be applied to your seats and carpets, providing a hard-wearing barrier against minor stains and spillages.

Do Gen-3 Evolution paint and fabric protection systems require any maintenance?

No more waxing, top ups or polishing is necessary. Simply wash and go!

How can Gen-3 Evolution help to keep my car bodywork free from dirt?

Gen-3 Evolution water repellent surface helps create a dirt shedding quality to the vehicle. Because dirt and grime does not adhere so readily to the coating layer, there is a reduction in the build-up of dirt, resulting in much easier cleaning.

Can I wash my car as normal without affecting the Gen-3 Evolution protection?

Of course, that’s the beauty of Gen-3 Evolution. It is extremely resilient – making it safe whether you choose to use a jet wash, maintained car wash or hand wash your vehicle.

What do I do if there is birdlime on my vehicle?

Birdlime is highly acidic. Gen-3 Evolution is the most durable and resilient coating on the market to the initial effects of birdlime. The deposits must be removed using our birdlime remover and lifted from the vehicle. Please refer to the terms and conditions on your application certificate from your dealer for further information.

Do you have any aftercare products for my leather interior?

Your dealer will protect your leather interior when you purchase our exterior coating. For ongoing maintenance, you can purchase our Ultimate Leather care product by clicking the button below.

How do I clean my car and where can I obtain Gen-3 Evolution aftercare products?

Washing the car with Gen-3 Evolution Ceramic shampoo and using the exclusive range of Gen-3 Aftercare products will complement the Gen-3 Evolution finish. Please click here:

Can Gen-3 Evolution be removed from my car?

Yes, in the unlikely need to do this, a professional body shop will be required to remove Gen-3 Evolution. Consult with your dealer in every case. Gen-3 Evolution does not contain silicone therefore is very environmentally and body shop friendly.

Should you require a body shop repair, your authorised repairer should contact enquiries@gen-3.co.uk for further instructions.